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A Guide to Mountain Biking Trails in Moab

February 28, 2024
A person taking advantage of Moab's famous mountain biking trails near Lionsback Resort.

A Guide to Moab’s Best Mountain Biking Trails

Moab, Utah isn’t just a desert gem – it’s a hallowed ground for mountain bikers. Red rock canyons, vast mesas, and adrenaline-pumping singletrack have cemented its status as a legendary riding destination. But beyond the hype, what truly sets Moab apart is the diversity of its terrain. Whether you’re a wide-eyed beginner or a seasoned shredder, Moab offers trails that cater to every skill level, from wide, smooth paths for leisurely cruises to heart-stopping technical challenges that’ll leave your palms sweaty and your adrenaline pumping.

Prepare to be amazed by the sheer variety of terrain – from smooth, scenic rollers to heart-pounding technical descents. Imagine cruising through sun-drenched mesas on the Klondike Bluffs, mastering technical rock gardens on Captain Ahab, or conquering the legendary Slickrock, the crown jewel of Moab’s singletrack kingdom. Dive into a curated selection of Moab’s must-ride trails, each offering a unique flavor of the otherworldly landscape.

Trail Recommendations

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a new rider, get ready to find your perfect Moab mountain biking adventure:

Beginner-Friendly Rides

Dead Horse Point State Park

Raven Roll
Length: 1.7 Miles
Difficulty: Easy

Description: Raven Roll is a fast-moving, semi-sandy trail on a hard-packed surface making it a great choice for beginners or for families looking for a relaxing ride. The trail offers stunning views of the Colorado River canyon and surrounding mesas. This section returns you to the Intrepid trail and the visitor’s center.

Length: 0.5 Miles
Difficulty: Easy

Description: This short trail is excellent for beginners and families. Intrepid features some rocky terrain, but there is little elevation change. Bring your camera or phone and take in some incredible views overlooking the Colorado River Canyon.

Moab Brand Trails: The ‘Brand Trails’ are a network of trails named after cattle brands that spell out M-O-A-B.

Rusty Spur
Length: 1.5 Miles
Difficulty: Easy

Description: A short singletrack loop offering a smooth ride on dirt and rock. The trail does have a pair of cattle guards that will require some extra effort to roll over. The viewpoint at the south end of the loop offers great views of Moab Canyon and Deadman’s Curve.

Bar-M Loop
Length: 7.9 Miles
Difficulty: Easy to Intermediate

Description: This family-friendly mountain bike trail is known for its scenic beauty and accessible terrain. Featuring both singletrack and doubletrack sections, the trail takes you along the edge of Seven Mile Canyon with access to various overlooks. The Bar M loop spells out the ‘M’ of the Brand Trails.

Intermediate Exploration

Klondike Bluffs

Main Trail (Klondike Bluff)
Length: 8.2 Miles out and back
Difficulty: Easy to Intermediate

Description: This trail is a step up in terms of exertion and skills required but provides a fun challenge for fit novice mountain bikers. The trail includes slickrock imprinted with fossilized dinosaur tracks while climbing roughly 600 ft climb to the top of the bluffs where riders will find unforgettable views.

Dino Flow
Length: 5.6 Miles
Difficulty: Intermediate

Description: Designed for lower intermediate riders, this singletrack trail wanders along dirt and slickrock, but beginners and experts will also enjoy this mellow ride. As the name suggests, this trail is flowy and fun, with constant ups and downs from small washes and rock ridges.

Length: 1.9 Miles
Difficulty: Intermediate to Advanced

Description: Nome blends technical riding with fun and fast flow. Riding up from Dino Flow you will climb 300 vertical feet before it begins to level out. Either direction is fun with rolling slickrock bumps and mounds with some intricate descents. This trail requires more technical skill to manage some sections of slickrock.

Navajo Rocks

Length: 3.2 Miles
Difficulty: Intermediate

Description: Ramblin climbs for a short distance then descends into the canyon where you snake your way over slickrock sections and even weave through some trees. This trail has it all with aerobic climbs, plummeting descents, and smooth cross-country travel. Connect Ramblin to Rocky Top for a thrilling loop!

Rocky Tops
Length: 4.4 Miles
Difficulty: Intermediate

Description: Rocky Tops is a solid intermediate ride with one tricky approach to a steep climb and one mentally challenging off-camber traverse. This trail offers stunning views of the Monitor and Merrimac Buttes as well as the La Sal Mountains and connects with Ramblin to make a fun loop.

Sand Flats Recreation Area

Falcon Flow
Length: 5.4 Miles
Difficulty: Intermediate

Description: This singletrack trail features fast, fun and flowing sections with awesome views and a few classic Moab chunky rock sections. You’ll find a punchy, but short climb right in the middle of the trail. Can be ridden on its own as a loop or as part of the Whole Enchilada Trail.

Advanced/Expert Trails

Sand Flats Recreation Area

Slickrock Trail
Length: 10.5 miles (main loop); 2.2 miles (practice loop)
Difficulty: Advanced

Description: Often touted as one of the best rides in America, Slickrock Trail is Moab’s crown jewel. The rock provides incredible traction which is helpful for the steep climbs and descents on this trail. Build confidence on the ~2 mile practice loop or hit the main loop for a memorable riding experience with some of Moab’s best views.

Porcupine Rim Trail
Length: Varies; 14.4 from trailhead to Highway 128, 20.4 miles to Moab, or 30.8 miles if ridden as a loop.
Difficulty: Advanced

Description: The singletrack section is extremely technical and exposed in many places. The trail offers a stunning view of Castle Valley from the top of the Rim.


Captain Ahab
Length: 4.3 Miles
Difficulty: Expert

Description: This physically demanding technical trail is for expert riders. The bottom half of the trail is one-way, and the trail is not all downhill. The trail follows cliff edges in places and has a plethora of technical challenges. The ride is on slickrock, ledges, dirt veneer from the Kayenta Formation and offers breathtaking views of Behind the Rocks and the La Sal Mountains.

Whole Enchilada

Whole Enchilada
Length: 25-34 miles
Difficulty: Expert

Description: The Whole Enchilada is a legendary point-to-point trail system that combines 6 trails to make an epic run from the La Sal Mountains to the Colorado River. Advanced Riding Skills are required.

Beyond the Trails: Gear, Food, and Lodging for your Moab MTB adventure

No mountain bike adventure is complete without the right gear, a bite to eat, and a place to rest and recharge. Moab caters to riders of all levels with top-notch bike shops, incredible restaurants, and unique lodging.

There are a number of bike shops in town that offer rentals, repairs, and tours for your adventure to Moab. Here are a few of recommendations:

Poison Spider Bicycles
This legendary shop boasts a massive selection of rentals, including high-performance bikes for tackling Moab’s infamous slickrock. Their expert mechanics can handle any repairs or tune-ups to keep you rolling.

Moab Cyclery
Beyond rentals and repairs, Moab Cyclery offers guided tours and demo programs, perfect for testing out different bikes before you buy.

Rim Cyclery
This locally owned shop caters to budget-conscious riders with affordable rentals and a friendly atmosphere.

Mountain biking in Moab certainly works up an appetite. Refuel after your ride at any of these incredible restaurants in Moab.

The Moab Diner
This iconic spot serves up classic American fare with generous portions, fueling your pre-ride energy and post-ride celebrations.

The Blu Pig
This BBQ joint is a local favorite, known for its slow-smoked meats and live blues music. They also have a large patio that’s perfect for relaxing after a day on the trails.

Moab Brewery
After a dusty day on the trails, quench your thirst with a local craft beer at Moab Brewery. Their shaded patio is perfect for sharing a cold one and swapping stories with fellow riders.

Located close to the Slickrock Trailhead and Sand Flats Recreation Area, the Casitas at Lionsback Resort in Moab are the perfect launchpad for adventure. Available to rent or purchase, the Casitas at Lionsback Resort offer beautiful views of Moab’s natural landscape. Relax after a long day of riding in these luxurious vacation homes.


Planning your Moab Mountain Biking Trip

With its knowledgeable shops, delicious restaurants, and stunning trails, Moab promises an unforgettable mountain biking experience. When planning your trip, be sure to:

Consider the season
Target shoulder seasons (April/May, Sept/Oct) for moderate temps and avoid peak crowds. If you visit in the fall, don’t miss Outerbike – a 3-day event in October with bike demos, unlimited shuttles, food & drink, and prizes & contests!

Know your limits
Don’t overestimate your skill level – Moab has trails for all abilities. Test out some of these trail recommendations and have fun!

Pack smart
Bring plenty of water, sunscreen, and snacks. Be prepared for changing weather conditions.

Respect the trails
Stay on designated paths and practice good trail etiquette.

Leave no trace
Pack out all your trash and avoid disturbing the fragile desert ecosystem.

From slickrock to sandstone, and everything in between, the mountain biking trails in Moab offer a unique blend of technical challenges and breathtaking scenery. Whether you prefer the adrenaline-pumping descents of steep slickrock or the flowy singletracks through scenic canyons, Moab has it all. See you on the trails!


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