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Lionsback Resort

Benefits of Owning a Moab Vacation Home

February 12, 2024
A Casita at Lionsback Resort in Moab with rocky desert and snow-capped mountains in the background.

Owning a Moab vacation home means waking up to breathtaking sunrises, with the rugged beauty of the desert at your doorstep. Hidden in Utah’s high desert is a dreamscape come to life. The state and national parks, natural arches, and red rock canyons surrounding Moab beckon millions of tourists each year, and the area’s popularity continues to grow. With the expansive landscapes of Moab as your backyard, everyday becomes an opportunity for adventure and exploration.

Interested in purchasing your own piece of paradise at Lionsback Resort near Moab? Learn more about the benefits of owning a Utah vacation home and see how Lionsback Resort combines luxury casita living with unparalleled outdoor recreation, easy access via nearby airports, flexible rental options managed on-site, and exceptional real estate value, making it a unique and sought-after destination.

Outdoor Recreation in Moab

When you own a Utah vacation home at Lionsback Resort, you have access to endless opportunities for outdoor adventures. Moab is the ideal location for outdoor enthusiats, with world-class mountain biking trails, iconic hiking paths, river rafting and proximity to Arches and Canyonlands National Parks as well as Dead Horse Point State Park. For the four-wheel enthusiast, the famous Hells Revenge trail is located just up the road.

Lionsback Resort borders the Sand Flats Recreation Area (home to the Slickrock trail), further catering to nature lovers. Lying at the heart of the Colorado Plateau, the Sand Flat Recreation Area offers colorful mesas, slickrock domes, and towering peaks of the La Sal Mountains, located in the Manti-La Sal National Forest.

Accessible Travel to Moab

Getting to your Moab casita-style vacation home at Lionsback Resort is easier than you might think. Moab is conveniently served by Canyonlands Airport (KCNY), offering daily direct flights from select cities, ensuring your journey to this high desert paradise is a smooth one. For private flights, Redtail Aviation provides a full service fixed base operation.

For those who prefer a more expansive travel experience, the Grand Junction, Colorado airport (KGJT) is just a scenic 1.5-hour drive from Moab. Grand Junction’s airport opens up a world of possibilities, connecting you to a myriad of Colorado and Utah ski resorts, as well as providing direct access to Denver and Salt Lake City. KGJT is served by United (direct to Denver), American Airlines (direct to Dallas and Phoenix), Allegiant (Direct to Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Mesa AZ) and Breeze Airways (direct to Orange County CA and San Francisco).

Finally, Moab is an easy drive from the Denver metro area and Salt Lake City/Wasatch front.  It is also a reasonable drive from the Colorado and Utah ski resorts including Aspen, Telluride, Vail, Park City and Deer Valley.

With such accessible travel options, Moab becomes a convenient destination, regardless of where your starting point might be. 


Rental Flexibility and Management

Lionsback Resort offers on-site rental and property management services for their casitas. As a vacation homeowner, you have the option to rent through our on-site rental management program, opt for a third-party rental and property management company of your choosing, or even rent your casita independently.

Wondering about the flexibility of renting out your vacation home at Lionsback Resort? The good news is you have options. Lionsback Resort operates under the City of Moab’s Sensitive Area Resort Zoning (SAR), permitting overnight accommodations. This designation is especially valuable since the City of Moab has since removed “overnight accommodations” from their zoning code. Lionsback Resort, however, was approved prior to this change, securing its status as a grandfathered property for overnight accommodations under the old zoning code.

For those considering short-term rentals, certain rules, and restrictions do apply, so a thorough review of the Master Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions, and Reservation of Easements for Lionsback Resort (CC&Rs) is recommended.

It’s worth noting that should you choose to rent your casita, you will need to adhere to guidelines and restrictions established in the CC&Rs, which include maintaining the “Standard Package” – a set of required furnishings and housewares designated by the rental and property management program that helps maintain the consistency and vision for the resort.

Even if you’re not planning to rent your vacation home, you can still make sure your casita property is taken care of while you’re away. Lionsback Resort Management offers typical property management services on a fee basis to all casita owners, ensuring your home is well-cared for whether you rent it out or not. You can rest assured your Casita is safe and secure even when you are not there.

An Exceptional Value at Lionsback Resort

Moab’s remarkable transformation over the past few decades reflects the high desert’s allure, as tourism has surged exponentially. Yet, even with its growing popularity, Moab remains a well-kept secret when it comes to luxury residences and high-end resort rentals. This exclusivity is what sets Lionsback Resort apart in a league of its own.

“In Moab, your purchase carries exceptional value, stretching further than other resort destinations in Colorado and the Southwest.”

For example, Moab’s housing costs are a staggering 71.6% less expensive than Telluride and 82.7% less than Aspen, both renowned Colorado destinations. Here, you get the best of both worlds – unparalleled natural beauty and a great value.

Currently, luxury residences and rentals are extremely limited in Moab, making Lionsback Resort truly unique. Our resort offers contemporary, single-family residential Casitas, pedestrian and biking trails, and has future plans for a luxury hotel and a private recreational club.

Own Your Moab Experience

Lionsback Resort stands as Moab’s hidden gem, providing a haven where the rarity of luxury residences meets the charm of the high desert, ensuring a lifetime of extraordinary living for you and your family.

From world-class outdoor experiences to seamless access via nearby airports, Lionsback offers a unique blend of exclusivity and convenience. With flexible rental options and on-site property management, your Moab vacation home is cared for, whether shared or kept for personal enjoyment.

Secure your dream oasis and embrace a lifestyle where the beauty of Moab becomes an integral part of your daily existence at Lionsback Resort.


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