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Lionsback Resort

Your Launchpad for Adventure: Lionsback Casitas

November 23, 2023
A model of Lionsback Casitas in Moab Utah that can be used as a launchpad for adventure.

MOAB, UT — Nestled amongst the red rock arches and desert vistas of eastern Utah, Lionsback Resort stands as a testament to the mesmerizing beauty of the high desert. A place where the very essence of nature undergoes a constant metamorphosis with each passing hour, this 175-acre sanctuary offers a unique blend of solitude and proximity.

Just a stone’s throw from downtown Moab, Lionsback Casitas present an opportunity to embrace a life of adventure and own a home in this outdoor escape. Below, we’ll explore what makes a Lionsback Casita the ideal Utah home. Let’s dive in.

What are Casitas?

Casitas, a Spanish term for “little houses,” embody the essence of cozy, compact living while being immersed in the grandeur of the Utah wilderness. Lionsback Casitas are charming, thoughtfully designed residences that offer an ideal blend of comfort and convenience for those seeking to make Moab their permanent residence or home away from home. With modern amenities, beautiful surroundings, and easy access to the captivating landscapes of Moab, Lionsback Casitas provide the perfect balance of outdoor exploration and indoor comfort.

“Casitas, a Spanish term for “little houses,” embody the essence of cozy, compact living while being immersed in the grandeur of the Utah wilderness.”

What Makes Lionsback Casitas Unique?

Meet Sensitive Area Zoning Requirements

The Sensitive Area Resort (SAR) Zoning framework used when creating Lionsback Resort was specially developed to harmonize modern living with preserving the natural beauty that defines Moab’s landscape.

When Lionsback Resort was initially conceived, there wasn’t an existing zoning code that aligned with the project’s vision. In collaboration with the city of Moab, the resort owner spearheaded the creation of SAR zoning, guided by the principles that now define it: from the promotion of large-scale, master-planned resort communities to the significant preservation of open space and the limiting of night lighting effects on the surrounding areas and night sky.

This unique zoning framework ensures that Lionsback Casitas not only offer luxurious living but also contribute to the conservation of the captivating desert environment that defines Moab.

Sustainable Home Design

Lionsback Casitas epitomizes sustainable living taking a holistic approach to home design.These residences are all-electric, free from natural gas, featuring induction stoves and water vapor fireplaces for a cleaner, greener energy source.

The master plan takes a light approach to landscaping, preserving the natural terrain, utilizing native, drought-resistant vegetation, and deliberately avoiding grass lawns, significantly reducing water demand. Minimal outdoor lighting not only limits light pollution but also invites residents and guests to revel in the breathtaking desert night sky.

An ongoing partnership with the City of Moab has shaped eco-conscious construction, leading to the Drinking Water Source Protection Plan (DWSPP), ensuring the preservation of the underground aquifer and indigenous plant life for future generations, firmly embedding sustainability into the fabric of Lionsback Resort.

Breathtaking Architectural Design

The architectural design of Lionsback Casitas, envisioned by renowned architects Thomas E. Sprinkle, AIA and Max Strang of Strang Design, is a testament to both sophistication and a deep connection with the surrounding natural beauty.

These homes have been meticulously crafted to seamlessly integrate with their environment through the careful selection of materials and colors. Positioned thoughtfully on the site, they capture the panoramic vistas of the nearby Red Rock fins and the majestic La Sal Mountains.

With a contemporary aesthetic, the Casitas artfully merge interior and exterior spaces, achieved through expansive sliding doors that connect the patios to common areas. Tall ceilings with clearstory windows and floor-to-ceiling glass invite an abundance of natural light, creating a dynamic experience throughout the day.

Each unit features multiple patios and decks for year-round outdoor living, complete with plumbing and wiring for hot tubs. A unique feature wall, clad in Indiana limestone both inside and out, graces every unit, providing a striking focal point.

High-end Wolf, Subzero, and Cove appliances, Waterworks plumbing fixtures, natural wood floors, and primary bedrooms with wet rooms and direct access to patios further accentuate the lavish design. Oversized garages with lockable owner’s storage closets complete the picture of these breathtaking architectural masterpieces.

Mask Group 307

The Milk Carton Kids. (Photo courtesy The Milk Carton Kids)

Easy Access to an Active Lifestyle

Lionsback Casitas offer homeowners an unparalleled gateway to an active and outdoor-centric lifestyle. Designed with a strong emphasis on pedestrian and cyclist-friendly infrastructure, the resort’s privately owned roads boast a maximum speed limit of just 15 mph, ensuring a safe and tranquil environment.

A thoughtfully integrated trail system weaves through the resort, allowing residents and guests to navigate the area effortlessly on foot or by bike, minimizing vehicle use within the resort.

The allure of active living is further magnified by Lionsback Resort’s proximity to the Sand Flats Recreation Area (SFRA), home to the world-renowned Slickrock trail, a global mountain biking icon. SFRA encompasses over 9,000 acres of BLM and Grand County land, offering an expansive playground for camping, hiking, and mountain biking.

Ready to Purchase Your Own Piece of Paradise?

Lionsback Casitas are more than just residences; they are the embodiment of a lifestyle that marries luxury, sustainability, and an unyielding connection to the captivating landscapes of Moab. Interested in purchasing a Casita of your own? Contact our sales team today.


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